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Classic Homeopathy

The classic homeopathy is the "traditional German medicine". She goes back on the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann . He lived on 1755 to 1843.

The field of application is the acute one, but also the chronic illnesses in the medicine. The classic homeopathy doesn't have any particular diagnosis method. Not such as in the Chinese medicine in form of the pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis and countenance diagnosis. 

Normal school medical examination methods are used in the homeopathic case history. Furthermore to take a case is very detailed. It is all about a overall picture from the symptomatic of a client. 
Also the individual past history takes into account. It doesn't suffice to establish that the main suffering is a chronic headache. It must be exactly determined in that way: Pain character, place, duration, modalities of the recovery or deterioration, cause.
However, the look of the doctor goes beyond this area. In a homeopathic consultation it is all about to be aware of the whole person. The homeopath pays attention to the peculiarities, preferences, habits and atmospheres of the patient: speaking about fears, such as e.g. the aversion to certain food. By the way this information is worked with it comes to the choice of a homeopathic remedy.