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Welcome to my Website

Alternative therapies and forms for treating   health problems are increasingly enjoying recognition because of a growing body of knwoledge and experience regarding their enormous healing potential.

On this web site, I would like to introduce three of these alternative treatment forms, which I am practicing with remarkable success:

* Dorn method 
* Craniosacral Work
* Classic homeopathy 

The Dorn method is a gentle vertebra treatment for curing back and joint pain. Also organ problems of unclear origin can be cured, as many of such symptoms relate to nerve tracts leading through the spine.

Periodically, I offer Dorn Seminars, usually in the form of a two-day training workshop.

For the Cranio Sacral therapy there are almost no limits as for its suitability of treating skeleton, muscles and ligaments. The therapy has a possitive effect on the immune system, hormone systhem and nervous system. 

Classical homeopathy is generally able to treate all types of discomfort and illnesses. The priniciple is to foster body-own curativeness through stimulating and strengthening the immune, hormone and nervous system.

If you have further questions, I would be very happy if you contact me.